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  • CZH-高效玻纤滤纸
  • CZU-超高效玻纤滤纸
  • 玻纤复合滤纸
  • 液压滤纸
  • 油气分离滤纸
  • 中效(ASHRAE)空气过滤纸
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    Founded in 1953, Chongqing Paper Making Industry Research&Design Institute, as the production base of China's pulp paper industry, light industry and military,  is a modern high-tech enterprises, specializing in researching, manufacturing and market of glass microfiber products.
    As National Light Industry paper quality supervision and inspection Chongqing station, Chongqing City Paper Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station and Chongqing paper metering station, 

    Product display

    Applied range

    Microelectronics components production
    Genetic medical research
    Pharmaceutical engineering
    Food processing
    Biological protection
    A vacuum cleaner, household filter material
    Filter all particles including microbes in the air
    The clean room, operating rooms and clean bench applications
    Efficient filter material
    Military efficient filter material
    Air conditioning system application
    Chemical filter the filter filter material